Sunday, 3 June 2012

A dedicated blogger? Apparently not!!!

Only 13 months since my maiden blog post, and here am I wondering where all the time went! Somehow I've got 4 followers.How did that happen? Mind you, one is family!
Although quiet I have been busy on the sewing front. There've been a few sewing gettogethers, further sewing "lessons", 
snoozing in the stash

more fabric shopping
In what appears to be becoming an annual event, I did my bit for the Gambian economy by buying fabric, in the market in Banjul,a small shop in Kololi and above all in an amazing shop “DIAB” in the fabric district of Banjul (Liberation Ave). 
much fabric shopping

some garment making - see the diamante zip!

a little more fabric shopping

The previously mentioned wedding dress with a peek of the royal blue shoes

Another gratuitous shot of fabric

Unfortunately I'm suffering from a major sewing block at the moment. I am making sofa covers. I hate making sofa covers.The original white (!!!!) ones needed  washing frequently and shrank in the wash. I wish now that I had bought replacements, but was too mean. I should have thought about my sanity before I lost my will to live! I can't get to garment sewing as my half-naked sofas pull at my conscience. I can't face finishing the covers, what I have done looks like I was sewing with my feet and with my eyes closed, so what do I do? I read sewing, I surf sewing and I dream sewing. My next sofas will be leather, and not white!

Meanwhile I want clothes, I need clothes and my fabric stash is calling me plaintively. My sewing machines are muttering darkly in the underused sewing room. The pattern collection is rustling loudly and the thread and notions are playing hide and seek (they  hide, I seek).
And before I forget, I neeeed a posh new dress for a certain garden party in July. DD2 wants to make an outfit herself for same said event.Which is quite exciting as hitherto, neither she nor her sister, DD1, have shown the slightest inclination to sew. However, I have no illusions as to who will have to finish that outfit!
Time to tidy the sewing room!!!


  1. Hi Sheila, good to see you still have the blog :)
    and then even writing a new post. So looking forward to seeing what you're going to sew for the garden party for yourself and for your daughter. Get the sofa cushions done quickly and then sew a quick fun garment for yourself! After that you will be in the mood for the dress???

    1. It's so kind of you to leave a comment, especially as I lurk on your blog - I'll try to comment "more" often! So looking forward to the next sew-in!

  2. Hello Sheila, welcome back to blog land and thank you for visiting my blog. You do realize we are a bunch of enablers don't you? So go on sew yourself something, the sofa can wait! hehe

  3. Hi Sheila! I did the sofa thing a few years back and NEVER again!! Good luck.

  4. Thank you for the support. I see from your blog that you are similarly "relaxed" about blogging - makes me feel a little better! Do you mind if I ask you for recommendations as to where to fabric shop in HK? My sister and I will be stopping over on our way to New Zealand next year and fabric acquisition is very high on both our lists!

  5. Nice, that lace looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you make with it.